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Sarahlynn Pablo
what connects us, what guides us, who we are

what connects us, what guides us, who we are

ocean, constellation, seed


sarahlynn is a writer, teacher, cook & entrepreneur who creates & CURATES evocative, sensory EXPERIENCES interrogating FOOD, movement & home.

Re-center perspectives of women of color, immigrants & the Filipinx diaspora with her writing, pop-up dinners & workshops.

Re-imagine a collective future.


amplify your story


Send your pitch, press packet about your food-related business, location or travel-related stories to collaborate.

Sarahlynn has written pieces for media outlets and created sponsored content in collaboration with tourism boards like the Department of Tourism for the Republic of the Philippines.

pr & branding

Find out how creating a simple, customer-centered positioning statement will make every business decision easier.

Sarahlynn has developed branding and PR strategies for hospitality- and media-focused businesses, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs.

Workshops on filipino food, history & culture

Bring her to your university or conference on food, culture, AAPI and/or Filipino diaspora/ethnic studies.

Sarahlynn has spoken at The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Harvard University and the University of Illinois-Chicago, among many others.


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From “Lugaw is in the heart”:

Hypothetical situation: You're a Filipino American, in your 20s or 30s, and you live on your own. You are sick, can't seem to keep anything down other than Saltines and need some comfort food. You are hankering for your mom's cooking, naturally. You're probably wishing she were there to take care of you, poor baby, but she's a few states away. It's likely you haven't gone to the grocery store recently, between your gallivanting and getting sick, so you have to rely on pantry items or what is still stomach-viable in your refrigerator to conjure up something that resembles nutritious food. Besides that, you don't have a lot of energy so whatever you cook needs to be relatively easy. Put that package of ramen down - we're not desperate. I present: Lugaw.

Lugaw is a Filipino rice porridge. Lugaw works as an excellent base for any kind of meat or seasonings, similar to congee. When you're sick it's perfect: warm, filling, and mushy. You don't even have to chew very much. I like my lugaw with chicken, ginger and lemon.

Recommitting myself to that unknown poetry that I will birth. I’m a mother, a volcano, the unseen source of a river, the root buried and waiting.
— slp